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Interior Renovation

Home renovation is a huge, difficult job to do on your own.  Just because you have seen home improvement shows on TV, it does not mean you should take on a workload that might quickly overwhelm you. Dato Construction, Inc. workers are licensed home renovation professionals who do this kind of thing for a living, and they are the experts you need for an extensive project. We know the local market here in Vero Beach to save you time and money as well.

Let Us Do It For You

If your home needs an addition built on, or you want one big room divided into two smaller ones, or you just need some carpentry done around the house, Dato Construction, Inc. is the place to go.
We can do just about anything you need for your interior home renovation.  Dato Construction, Inc. has crews and workers skilled in flooring (tile, hardwood and laminate), drywall, painting and crown molding. Or, maybe you just need a general handyman to help out with a few different projects. We can do that, too. Call us for help with your project today!

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